Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Earn best commission in the market for the extensive services we offer. You are invited to be a part of the revolution and become partners to add in to the inevitable growth.

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Place our Zellora Solutions banner and links on your high traffic pages only to refer your users to experience an exceptional service. We compensate you generous amount of commission percentage per sale and you can earn easily as we make a serious amount of sales owing to the factor of us being a global service provider. We provide heavy discounts to your company in case you use our services and products.

Sales and Marketing benefits

As soon as our affiliate system obtains a visitor through your link, your unique id will get automatically registered in the system, and if the visit generates sale you are provided with a commission of good percentage on behalf of our company. If same person goes for repeated purchase, you are authorized to automatically receive another commission.

Terms and Conditions

Before you proceed for Registration, please consider the terms and conditions before you ensure participating in the affiliate program.

Every participant has to provide with precise contact information during registration.

Commissions are made specifically for confirmed purchases.

We don’t support sending spam or placing advertisements within the sites of improper pornographic, violent or malicious content.

We have the right to refuse a commission if the participants of the program violate or evade the rules and your earned commission might also get cancelled. In case of repeated breaching activity a further participation within the program may be prohibited.